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Acupuncture in Downtown San Francisco

Hobart Building, 582 Market St, Suite 314

At Our Downtown Clinic

Downtown San Francisco

East-West Integrative Medicine Clinic’s newest location, Downtown San Francisco, offers the working community easy access to acupuncture services. Take an acupuncture break or finish your day in a healing way.

In Your Neighborhood

Glen Park and Bernal Heights

Three locations to serve you. When at work, try the Downtown San Francisco acupuncture clinic, after work or on the weekends find acupuncture, massage and bodywork in two great San Francisco neighborhoods of Glen Park and Bernal Heights.

At Your Office or Home

Corporate or private home services

We are happy to refer clients to Sowa for mobile wellness. In-office services include massage, mindfulness classes, office yoga and acupuncture. Sowa also provides in-home massage, acupuncture house calls and holistic health coaching city wide.

Our Specialities

(415) 585-1990

Our clinics offer acupuncture specialist in everything from pain to pregnancy, a variety of healing modalities including bodywork, an array of massage techniques.

Healthy Pregnancy
Post-Partum Care
Pediatric Acupuncture

Orthopedics/Pain Management
Mei Zen Facial Rejuvenation
Mental Health
Holistic Nutrition




East-West SF is home to other independent service providers offering Psychotherapy, Body Work, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Ayurvedic Medicine. Read More



East West Integrative Medicine

East-West Integrative Medicine Clinic 4.5 star rating 92 reviews
605 Chenery St
Ste B
San Francisco, CA 94131

(415) 585-1990


See all our historic reviews.

Theresa T. on 6/7/2018
All East-West facilities have been great. Marnie is a wonderful caring practitioner. I feel very comfortable in her care.

Kristina L. on 5/22/2018
I had a fantastic massage with Chris. He really listened to what I needed and did a lot of work on my knee (I’m a runner who admittedly doesn’t stretch like I should). And even though he was doing intense treatments I left feeling a wave of full body relaxation. I want to make this a regular part of my healthcare.

Kathy D. on 5/19/2018
As a body worker & acupuncturist, I’m sometimes hesitant to try a new therapist without a referral. But on my recent visit to SF, I desperately needed a massage. I’m so glad I got an appointment with Chris. He is very skilled and super nice! I’ll be back when I’m next in town!

Jane K. on 5/15/2018
Sunday’s massage was my first at the Bernal Heights location of East-West, and I loved how spacious and attractive the room was. As always, it was a delight to have a massage with Tod. The only reason I don’t want to write this review is that I don’t want other customers to book all his available slots!

Joan H. on 4/29/2018
Ihave been workig with Tom for awhile now and he always takes really good care of me! Thanks!

 Jo B. on 6/3/2018
Deep tissue work and chiropractics is helping a lot with a chronic pain condition in my hip, and allowing me to be able to exercise in ways I’ve not been able to in a while. Thanks Dr. Trace! Jo Ellen

 Carol C. on 6/2/2018
I experienced a very soothing muscular feeling after my massage with Julie. Julie was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.

 Brandy D. on 6/1/2018
Jen Ross is an excellent care provider. She is real and open and always makes me feel incredibly comfortable. . .like I’ve known her my whole life. She’s healed my body and my husband’s body in multiple ways. Jen Ross is THE BEST! And my husband is much more fun when he is not in constant discomfort or pain:)

 Michael T. B. on 5/25/2018
If it wasn’t for E/W I would be doubled over. I have back & leg problems. Keep up the good work.

 Craig M. on 5/24/2018
Elizabeth has been very effective in my PT treatment and in helping me think differently in terms of how I approach my therapy.

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East-West SF Downtown

582 Market St, Suite 314
San Francisco, Ca 94104

(415) 585-1990

East-West SF
Glen Park

Check out our original acupuncture clinic in the beautiful Glen Park neighborhood. This clinic has the broadest selection of healing modalities; acupuncture specialist in everything from pain to pregnancy, bodywork, and an array of massage techniques.

(415) 585-1990