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    Slowly And Carefully We Are Opening Up!

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Reopening Plan

In accord with the stay-at-home order we’re halting CMT bookings until further notice.


LAc Acupuncture and Bodywork:

Marnie McCurdy – Noe Valley, Glen Park, and Bernal Heights

Stephanie Haney – Noe Valley

Shannon Piercy – Glen Park, and Bernal Heights

Jayne Chen – Noe Valley, and Glen Park

Jessica Biedron – Noe Valley, and Glen Park


Massage practitioners are currently not taking appointments in accord with the stay-at-home order. Please check back in for further updates.

Coming Soon

Looking forward to CMTs returning once the current order is lifted. Target return date is January 4th, 2021.

Room Procedures

Following CDC Guidelines

  • Rooms and common spaces will be cleaned per CDC Guidelines.
  • Soft items will be removed or covered in washable vinyl.
  • Between clients, rooms will sit empty for 15 minutes.
  • HEPA filter will be used in each room.

Staff Procedures

Our Commitment

  • Staff will have daily health/temperature check-ins.
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) will be worn.
  • Frequently hand washing and use of hand sanitizers will be mandatory.

Patient Experience

Keeping You Safe

  • You will be greeted at the front door.
  • The waiting room will be closed.
  • We ask that you have a temperature check-in before entry.
  • When possible, payment will be by credit card.

Requesting of Patients

We’re In This Together

  • Only come if you have an appointment.
  • Dress warmly (limited blankets, etc.), and wear a mask.
  • Please answer and sign Covid release form.
  • Let us know if you have any concerns.



Practitioners @ Glen Park

605 Chenery Street, Suites B + C

*Not all practitioners shown below are currently back, please call for availability
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Spanish & Speaking Practitioners Available / SFHP Practitioners Available

Practitioners @ Noe Valley

3901 23rd Street

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Spanish & Speaking Practitioners Available / SFHP Practitioners Available

Practitioners @ Bernal Heights

Bernal Heights site

*Not all practitioners shown below are currently back, please call for availability
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& Speaking Practitioners Available / SPHP Practitioners Available

Marnie @ Lake Merritt

Oakland site

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East-West SF is home to other independent service providers offering Psychotherapy, Body Work, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Ayurvedic Medicine. Read More



  • 5 star review  Mine own professional dealing with this is so great i really enjoy the service and the people so professional. And i really like that they make you welcome and comfortable just being their with them and when it was done i felt great almost ready to dance. If you could please stop by they are wonderful working with people..

    thumb Freddie Kendrick

    5 star review  Caring knowable people. the kind that makes sure your needs are taken care of.

    thumb Jade Blackthorne

    5 star review  I've been visiting East-West Integrative since Marnie first opened the Glen Park location many, many years ago. The practitioners there have great expertise with many different disciplines, and I find there are certain approaches that really do well for my issues.

    thumb Amelia C
  • 5 star review  Knowledgeable practitioners, very clean rooms and professional staff. I have been a client at East West for over 10 years and have seen several practitioners for both acupuncture and massage and as a SF native it is hands down one of the best in town!!

    thumb Bianca Cohen

    5 star review  This place is lovely, comfortable, friendly, and pristine. I've seen many different massage therapists here and, while Julie is my regular, I've never had a sub-par experience. It's usually pretty easy to schedule on the fly if you don't have a preference, but you need to schedule further out for people who have more of established client base.

    thumb Ellen K

    5 star review  It’s a great place and well run. Would recommend this place and staff to any of my friends and family. Michael 🇬🇧

    thumb Michael Ballingall
  • 5 star review  Highly recommend acupuncture & functional medicine services by Stephanie and Jayne. Both practitioners genuinely take the time to assess long term holistic healing methods and immediate healing via acupuncture/cupping session I’ve had over the past few years. This practice offers a wealth of expertise across so many wellness topics with practitioners that possess a positive healing aura every visit.

    thumb Seema Shree

    5 star review  All I can say is that the ambience, experience, and most importantly the results of feeling whole are all under one roof. Feel amazing every time I visit and feel amazing down to my core.

    thumb sean eakins

    5 star review  I was treated with dignity and respect t all times. I was never kept waiting, even at times when I arrived late. at times when I needed a same day appointment, Shannon made sure I had an appointment. I came to your clinic when I was at one of the lowest points in my life and Shannon always heard me.

    thumb Ghostgamer997
  • 5 star review  East-West is one of the best Clinics I have been too. Every practitioner I have met has been utterly professional and kind. They always make me feel listened to and valued.

    thumb Jillian Hood

    5 star review  Received acupuncture from Antonella and have loved my experience. She takes the time to assess what's going on each week and is very considerate with the needles. Would recommend. Place is clean, inviting, and serene.

    thumb Thai Chu

    5 star review  Great staff and practitioners. They often have last minute massage and acupuncture appointments they can squeeze you into. Cozy location with decent street parking. Would go back!

    thumb Kali Drake
  • 5 star review  Fantastic place! Been going for many years. Very clean and elegant setting. Easy parking in Glen Park. I have mostly used the massage services, and all the practitioners I have used have been great. Online booking is easy.

    thumb Ken Miller

    5 star review  Really experienced and excellent practitioners. I have had consistently positive experiences here for over 10 years! I highly recommend them for acupuncture and massage.

    thumb Kristin Lamoureux

    5 star review  I have seen many of the practitioners here, and have always had a very positive experience! I'm so happy to have East-West nearby. Thanks to Marnie and your wonderful team.

    thumb Georgina Rice
  • 5 star review  I have been to the Bernal heights and Glen park locations and they are both great. Experienced professionals doing what the know best for your body. They have been accommodating on the scheduling for me which is really helpful. I have only go for massage but plan to get some acupuncture done. I have already recommended East-West to friends and I will return.

    thumb Maria O'Reilly

    5 star review  Joey Bennett is hands down one of the best acupuncturists in the city. I've been going to her for over a decade and she's helped me with everything from an injured knee to currently helping me get through chemotherapy with fewer side effects. Everyone at East- West are top notch professionals.

    thumb Monika Sanders

    5 star review  Very happy with the nice clinic space at the Bernal location, and the ease of managing appointments online. Highest recommendation for practitioner Chris Robertson! I've worked with him several times now, to relieve muscle tension and a host of other ills plaguing the middle-aged body. His deep-tissue work is particularly effective, but I always feel restored after any session with him

    thumb Hannah Wolf
  • 5 star review  Good massages from good people. I've been worked on at Glen Park by two people: 1)Sapho, who's since added acupuncture to her repertoire, and 2) Natasha, who approaches the visit with the precision of a scientist. I recommend them both wholeheartedly.

    thumb Nathaniel Amidei

    5 star review  This clinic, and Marnie McCurdy in particular, are the best Eastern medicine practitioners I’ve found. The combination of acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and some herbal remedies over time complemented the Western treatment modalities for my very complicated spine problems. I trust Marnie’s skill and experience and highly recommend East-West Integrative Medicine.

    thumb Deb Clifford

    5 star review  Been going to East-West for several months now,each time I had a session it was GREAT. I left feeling better than when I came in. My acupuncturist is Adam. What a wonderful person. He takes his time with you, really listens. Glad I found out about Adam and East West. Give it I try it's a great experience.

    thumb Tim Limbach
  • 5 star review  The acupuncture here is incredible. I had never tried acupuncture before, but after a terrible injury, I turned to integrative medicine. I was feeling better immediately, and after a series of sessions, I was close to my normal self. It felt miraculous, and I don't say that lightly!

    thumb Katherine Field Rothschild

    5 star review  I like the therapist I see. She uses the right amount of pressure. I would go more often if my schedule allowed. I usually do a 90 minute therapeutic message. They, at least at one point did Hot/Cold stone messages. The one I had was great. I go to their Glen Park facility.

    thumb Christopher Amidei

    5 star review  I like the therapist I see. She uses the right amount of pressure. I would go more often if my schedule allowed. I usually do a 90 minute therapeutic message. They, at least at one point did Hot/Cold stone messages. The one I had was great. I go to their Glen Park facility.

    thumb Christopher Amidei
  • 5 star review  I have been going to East-West for about a year. They run a wonderful practice with very talented, caring, and knowledgable practitioners. The atmosphere itself is clean, quiet, and comforting. I’ve mainly worked with Stephanie Haney and she is an extraordinary, calming, and perceptive healer. She goes beyond the acupuncture session and listens to your concerns which makes you feel like each session is uniquely client centered. I couldn’t be more grateful for the calmness she has brought into my life. I’ve also work with Courtney at Glen Park and she is equally as wonder. Everyone at East-west seem to be happy working there and make for an inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.

    thumb Kirara Nakamura

    5 star review  When I moved to SF I binged around a bunch of different places and was really happy until I found this place. I have absolutely loved every experience at East-West from healing acupuncture sessions to a fantastic facial one. Highly recommend stopping by any of the locations.

    thumb Elizabeth Foley

    5 star review  East-West is my favorite place to get massages in the city. The therapists truly listen to your needs and provide a session that is tailored accordingly. Carolyn Cohen is especially fantastic, and has helped me recover (physically and emotionally) after the birth of my son. Plus, they don’t use tons of oil like other places—so you don’t leave feeling like you rolled in an oil slick! I don’t have experience with their non-massage services, but I would expect them to be just as great as the massage therapy. It may be a little more expensive than some other places in the city but is worth it in my opinion.

    thumb Carolyn Smith
  • 5 star review  Early this month, I got my first 60 minute massage with Julie, who is most competent. The facility is a lovely, relaxing, and warm environment. It was just what I needed, and I look forward to going back to her soon!

    thumb Deborah Howard-Page

    5 star review  East-west is a professional and caring clinic. The owner, Marnie, is a skilled acupuncturist as well as a professional and caring business woman. She navigates the complex world of medical billing, creates a beautiful and welcoming physical space, and competently manages customer service and hiring a fantastic staff. I have been treated by at least 6 or 7 different professionals at East-West and they have all been skilled and very competent.

    thumb Kelly Scott

    5 star review  I love this place. I have acupuncture with Stephanie, she is so good. She has helped me a lot with my stiff neck and sore shoulders. This is a great clinic. I highly recommend this place.

    thumb Tuoi Chatneuff


See all our historic reviews.

Theresa T. on 6/7/2018
All East-West facilities have been great. Marnie is a wonderful caring practitioner. I feel very comfortable in her care.

Kristina L. on 5/22/2018
I had a fantastic massage with Chris. He really listened to what I needed and did a lot of work on my knee (I’m a runner who admittedly doesn’t stretch like I should). And even though he was doing intense treatments I left feeling a wave of full body relaxation. I want to make this a regular part of my healthcare.

Kathy D. on 5/19/2018
As a body worker & acupuncturist, I’m sometimes hesitant to try a new therapist without a referral. But on my recent visit to SF, I desperately needed a massage. I’m so glad I got an appointment with Chris. He is very skilled and super nice! I’ll be back when I’m next in town!

Jane K. on 5/15/2018
Sunday’s massage was my first at the Bernal Heights location of East-West, and I loved how spacious and attractive the room was. As always, it was a delight to have a massage with Tod. The only reason I don’t want to write this review is that I don’t want other customers to book all his available slots!

Joan H. on 4/29/2018
Ihave been workig with Tom for awhile now and he always takes really good care of me! Thanks!


East-West Integrative Medicine Clinic 4.5 star rating 112 reviews
605 Chenery St
Ste B
San Francisco, CA 94131

(415) 585-1990

Kristan S.'s Review Kristan S.
5.0 star rating

I loved my pre-Covid massages at East West! It was usually easy to get an appointment when I needed one and I always felt better after. I especially loved...

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ThuZ W.'s Review ThuZ W.
5.0 star rating

This Review is for Jayne Chen 4 acupuncture @ the Noe Valley Location.

Not a big fan of needles, but I totally beleive in Eastern Medicine n wanted to try...

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Lisa B.'s Review Lisa B.
5.0 star rating

I really like having Acupuncture done it's great for your health and relaxing. A clean quiet room and a safe place to relax and think about happy moments.

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Appointments with Marnie McCurdy available Monday & Friday from 11am to 3pm. Located within the Lake Merritt neighborhood, please contact for details.

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