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  • I’ve had wonderful experiences at East west integrative medicine clinic. My acupuncturist Shannon listen to what I was hoping to get from the acupuncture. I felt comfortable and look forward to returning in the future.

    MSan Avatar

    I have had multiple appointments at various locations of East-West Integrative Medicine. Each experience at each location has been relaxing and informed. I cannot recommend Marnie enough!!

    Brook Avatar

    Exceptionally responsive, quick, accommodating, high quality, and great hours.

    Lear S. B. Avatar
    Lear S. B.
  • 5 star ratingMarnie is extraordinary with acupuncture and digestive health! She takes her time to get to know your needs, her response time is so on point, and she has beautiful energy

    Z W. Avatar
    Z W.

    5 star ratingFrom the first time I met Shannon... I knew I was in the right place. East West Integrative is a wonderful practice! Shannon is a healer and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. I tell everyone about them because I want this brilliant practice to thrive!

    Florie J. Avatar
    Florie J.

    5 star ratingMarnie personally took care of me, and I couldn't be more grateful. I had really bad vomiting, and I was desperate to try anything and everything. While the acupuncture did not work for me, I appreciated that Marnie was so committed to trying everything for me from the beginning. She treated me with the utmost compassion, respect, and professionalism. She also recognized when her services weren't helping and didn't make me feel pressured to continue. I am so grateful to her.

    M M. Avatar
    M M.
  • 5 star ratingIm so glad I found Jessica Biedron again! She has skills and that energetic gift. Saw her at Noe location. Very nice and comfortablr place.

    A B. Avatar
    A B.

    5 star ratingI really like having Acupuncture done it's great for your health and relaxing. A clean quiet room and a safe place to relax and think about happy moments.

    Lisa B. Avatar
    Lisa B.

    5 star ratingThis Review is for Jayne Chen 4 acupuncture @ the Noe Valley Location. Not a big fan of needles, but I totally beleive in Eastern Medicine n wanted to try acupuncture for my shoulder n elbow pain.It is covoid time n I was a little anxious, but had the best experience today. Jayne was incredibly knowledgeable, warm, and helpful. Love loved working with her I felt safe n was able to relax to receive the acupuncture treatment. Learned alot abt my body, posture, alignment n more from this valuable session. Highly recommend Jayne for any eastern Chinese medicine modalities acupuncture n more. Thank U Jayne. Coming back for more.

    ThuZ W. Avatar
    ThuZ W.
  • I had chronic back and leg pain for over a year. Working with them brought relief that other more western medical methods couldn't provide.

    James Stewart Avatar
    James Stewart

    Although I had only a couple of visits with regard to herbal remedies. I found that the emotional support provided was heartfelt and the practitioner had excellent intentions. The atmosphere is soothing, welcoming and private.

    Maryanne Razzo Avatar
    Maryanne Razzo

    By far the best massage I ever had! Worth every penny!

    Christina Jajeh Avatar
    Christina Jajeh
  • Really amazing and kind and really care about their patients

    Nadia Nehme Avatar
    Nadia Nehme

    5 star ratingI loved my pre-Covid massages at East West! It was usually easy to get an appointment when I needed one and I always felt better after. I especially loved seeing Deena at the Bernal location and the room in the back that opens to the patio. Although I haven't been since the pandemic started, what they've shared of their new policies through their newsletter seems to follow all the health department guidelines to the letter and is very considerate of their vulnerable clients.

    Kristan S. Avatar
    Kristan S.

    I got several tmj massages at the Bernal heights location last year. Then I moved back to LA. All I can say is that I think often how much I wish they had an east-west clinic in LA. It’s hard to find a integrative medicine clinic that you can trust & is effective! Miss this place.

    Lauren Seely Avatar
    Lauren Seely
  • Was at Nor Valley site, 23rd and Sanchez. First time at this office. Stephanie was great.

    Jasmine Gee Avatar
    Jasmine Gee

    Knowledgeable and pleasant staff! The acupuncture treatments really reduced by back pain.

    Cristina Miyar Avatar
    Cristina Miyar

    I’ve loved my massages at East West! It’s usually easy to get an appointment when I need one and the massages always make me feel better. I especially love the Bernal location and the room in the back that opens to the patio!

    Kristan Sartor Avatar
    Kristan Sartor
  • I gave it 5 stars because no matter who I see there for my sesión, it’s been a good experience. Everyone is professional and empathetic about my pain and the treatment help all the time. Atmosphere is very tranquil

    Ivette Gomez Avatar
    Ivette Gomez

    The team at East-West is amazing. Shannon cured the plantar fasciitis that had been troubling me for years. She’s a miracle worker.

    Kim McChane Avatar
    Kim McChane

    Easy to book, great location and service. Highly recommended!

    Michael Duignan Avatar
    Michael Duignan
  • I’ve been going to East-West for years and it’s never failed me. I’ve really depended on the clinic for all kinds of medical needs, injuries, and overall wellbeing. All the practitioners are really good. Marnie McCurdy is a really smart functional medicine acupuncturist. She’s extremely skilled and knowledgeable, able to connect multiple modalities into very effective treatments. She is so nurturing and truly a healer! I always leave her office feeling deeply relaxed and nourished.

    lilia leshan Avatar
    lilia leshan

    East-West Integrative Medicine is one of the best places I have ever gone seeking alternative interventions to improve my health. I have been there many times for therapeutic massages. I have had two different practitioners and both, although different, addressed my issue and remedied my pain. The clinic on Chenery is peaceful, friendly and inviting. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

    Peggy O'Brien Avatar
    Peggy O'Brien

    The thing I like best about Deana is how she pays extra attention to make sure she gives me what I want and it changes from time to time but she always asks up front what needs attention. I feel special cuz I'm not getting a cookie cutter massage.

    Barbara LeMaire Avatar
    Barbara LeMaire
  • 5 star ratingI did not believe in the power of alternative medicine until I met Marnie McCurdy. She literally has the magic touch -- and is an amazing masseuse and acupuncturist. She also provides totally achievable ways of addressing your problems through diet, exercise and herbal supplements. She has helped me with sleep, stress and fertility issues. Not only is she an amazing human who listens and genuinely cares about your short and long term progress, but I believe I owe my beautiful baby girl to her. Marnie founded and runs the practice -- but I've had wonderful experiences with everyone else who works there as well.

    Elena S. Avatar
    Elena S.

    5 star ratingI have been to East-West for acupuncture and therapeutic massage and both were excellent. The staff is respectful, kind, professional and exceedingly talented. Their facility is clean and welcoming. Parking is a snap. Highly recommended !

    Bette S. Avatar
    Bette S.

    5 star ratingSo far, my messages have been great. I've used a few of the message therapists and they have all been good. My problem areas are usually the back, neck and feet. I can be on my feet a lot and do a lot of walking and carry more weight than I like. I feel so relaxed and refreshed after a treatment. I have done deep tissue and general Therapeutic message as well as Hot Stone.

    Christopher A. Avatar
    Christopher A.
  • Mine own professional dealing with this is so great i really enjoy the service and the people so professional. And i really like that they make you welcome and comfortable just being their with them and when it was done i felt great almost ready to dance. If you could please stop by they are wonderful working with people..

    Freddie Kendrick Avatar
    Freddie Kendrick

    Caring knowable people. the kind that makes sure your needs are taken care of.

    Jade Blackthorne Avatar
    Jade Blackthorne

    I've been visiting East-West Integrative since Marnie first opened the Glen Park location many, many years ago. The practitioners there have great expertise with many different disciplines, and I find there are certain approaches that really do well for my issues.

    Amelia C Avatar
    Amelia C


Room Procedures

Following CDC Guidelines

  • Rooms and common spaces will be cleaned per CDC Guidelines.
  • Soft items will be removed or covered in washable vinyl.
  • Between clients, rooms will sit empty for 15 minutes.
  • HEPA filter will be used in each room.

Staff Procedures

Our Commitment

  • All Practitioners Have Received Their Covid Vaccine Shots
  • Staff will have daily health/temperature check-ins.
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) will be worn.
  • Frequently hand washing and use of hand sanitizers will be mandatory.

Patient Experience

Keeping You Safe

  • You will be greeted at the front door.
  • The waiting room will be closed.
  • We ask that you have a temperature check-in before entry.
  • When possible, payment will be by credit card.

Requesting of Patients

We’re In This Together

  • Only come if you have an appointment.
  • Dress warmly (limited blankets, etc.), and wear a mask.
  • Please answer and sign Covid release form.
  • Let us know if you have any concerns.


Office Hours

Shortened Hours During Covid

11 – 7 pm Monday to Friday – Receptionist
Weekends – Please leave a message.

(415) 585-1990

Appointment Hours

Hours by Location and Practitioner

Need to Cancel: Online / (415) 585-1990

Contact Information